Las Vegas Private Security Consulting

There are quite a few organizations who plan large events but do not have a effective security plan in place for these events. Basic needs are often covered, but contingency plans are not a focus. We at SwaySecurity realize that all facets of security for an event must be planned for. Due to it’s diverse background, hiring SwaySecurity is a good investment. SwaySecurity has many years in Private Security Consulting and putting plans together with a focus on safety and efficiency.

Sway Security

Best Practices

Do you need help in designing your security operations plan using the security industry’s best practices?

Sway Security


Do you need assistance from someone with security experience that is truly relevant to how a major event is planned and executed?

Physical Security Assessments

The root base for all security is the patrolman at his finest. We will find a solution that will work with your business.

Risk Assessments & Analysis

We will spend some time in the field and analyze your current security protocols.  We will then make an assessment of what is currently working and what will need to be adjusted to benefit your business.  

Threat (Human Behavior) Assessments

We will assess all the current threats via social media, email and phones calls and will set up protocols to assist the authorities in extinguishing the threat.

Workplace Violence Management

We become a third party to assist you in any previous situations as well as teach others how to see signs and possibly prevent any future cases.

Policy and Procedure Development

Are you a small business growing rapidly and need a PPD made for you? We offer solutions that will work with your business.


We understand that not all security company consulting is right for you.
However due to our extensive experience in the valley as well as being part of a family of small businesses, we believe we can offer an advantage of increased knowledge and focus in your industry.

Emergency Management Planning

Every company should have an emergency plan in place, however not every director understands a format to help save lives. We are here to help.

Crisis / Incident Management

The course of action taken to respond to a disruption of day-to-day operational activities – with the objective of returning to the original state.

Business Continuity Planning

The business continuity planning (BCP) is the creation of a strategy through the recognition of threats and risks facing a company, with an eye to ensuring that personnel and assets are protected and able to function in the event of a disaster.

Exercise Development & Evaluation

Many companies are beginning to understand that there is often little to differentiate between products in the 21st century. When we set up solutions we provide training so when we are gone your team can still practice and train.

Human Trafficking Training

We see it on the news but never think it can happen here. We teach employees to recognize the signs and to understand the communication between victims and the abusers in this alarming  industry.

Coordination Controlled Access

Finding a fast and smooth solution for access to your business and allowing a security factor that can fit in without disrupting the course of flow.

Parking Security Program

From K-9* Solutions, access to casual patrols we will have your lots protected and show your employee and customers you care about their safety.

Traffic Management & Coordination

We can help with traffic control for Large events, charity events, and the HOA Community.

Management Evacuation Planning

Protection of your senior team and board members will always be a top priority.

Executive Protection Planning

We can provide your current security team with every advantage due to our vast knowledge of the valley, to assist you in the protection of your client.

“What If”

You may need plans for high-risk visits, board meetings, political rallies, commencement ceremonies, labor actions (strikes/picketing), or any other large public or private gatherings. We will sit down with your key personnel and go over the “what if” scenarios and ascertain what security measures that you may or may not need.

Protection Management

We can assist with the selection process of your internal security officer department.  We will establish the proper security presence and response needed until your officers are ready.  Protection Management will be your advocate in the planning and the actual event providing the coordination of all activities associated with the security of your guests, employees, visitors, and property.