Las Vegas Cannabis Security Solutions

SwaySecurity has over 25 years in the Security Solutions part of our business we see a problem and we figure a way to fix it.We will create programs that will assist you in providing safety to your customers (local and non-locals) will strengthen the city and give you piece of mind that your properties are protected to the fullest possible solutions.


Best Practices

We understand the multitude of security challenges in the Cannabis industry. You are great in your industry and need help in ours, and that where we come in to offer you a state of the art approach to your dilemma in the protection of assets.



SwaySecurity has a multitude of professional experience behind our brand.  Including prior casino security, military experience, and private security industry. This allows us to provide a truly unique solution for your Marijuana. We understand that you already tried other security companies out there, but with our local knowledge and the unique solution we can offer your property, SwaySecurity is an asset you will want to add to your portfolio.

We have become experts in this very specialized area of the industry. We have experience in dealing with local city and county officials as well as local law enforcement because we are from Las Vegas. Our staff are professionals and care about the safety of your staff and customers.  

Transportation Escorts

We offer solutions to the safety of your transport company with many options we can go over.

Security Management Team

First in the industry, we offer a service that you employee all your security personnel and we design and train them to a program we agree on together and we Mange your Security Department. You are an expert in your field let the expert in Our field help you.

Armed Security Service

From providing standing security officers or, alarm response to vehicle patrols at your locations, we provided unmatched security of your facility. Our officers are trained to properly secure controlled substances and deal with virtually any situation that may arise at your location.

“What If”

We ask the question why too much after an incident. We know that you and your staff have experience and in no way should you think we are discrediting you many years on the job. SwaySecurity simple offers the second team and to yours, Our goal is to mesh the two families into one in order to give the most important variable in this equation which is the Las Vegas Tourist.