Your Protection starts Here

Our bodyguards have undergone special training in the situations arising around Executives and High Profile Clients alike.  We have what is required to give the principal the best imaginable protection against both national and international threats.

In everyday life in business, we forget our loved ones and we have also included in training the ability to not interfere in the course of your families life yet still provide the same level of protection.  

From small business owners that simply want an escort to the bank, to a CEO that needs 24 hours protection, we can assist in a security solution that will fit your lifestyle. We provide secure transports. For example, escorting VIPs between for the airport and a hotel or around the greater Las Vegas area. We can also provide supplemental security to your personal security team. With our knowledge of the hotels and local government laws, we can provide support to your security team ensuring they have all the tools they need.

Las Vegas Bodyguard Services