Casino Security Solutions in Las Vegas

The role of a security officer in a casino is often more of a hotel ambassador, providing direction, wheelchair assists, and holding conversations with the guests so that we are rated well on surveys. Security officers often spend less time focusing on the main duty of their job, protection of life and assets.

We at SwaySecurity have developed a unique training program that allows our officers to be natural in the field all the while ensuring protection is the focus.  SwaySecurity customer service is five stars because we have trained our officers on what the expectation is when they are on duty.  We understand customer service and assets and life protections are all important parts of your business.  We have come up with a solution that allows both our teams to work cohesively, allowing the daily duties to be performed while maintaining focus on the security aspect.  Our services are available to fit your needs, whether it be weekly, weekends, special events, or on a full-time basis.  At SwaySecurity, our program will allow you to focus on your mission and goals as well as provide your customers with peace of mind because there will be two teams focused on them enjoying their time in Las Vegas.


Best Practices

We understand the multitude of security challenges in the casino industry, such as door pushers, hotel floor walks, hotel access, parking lot patrols, fire watch detail, convention center security and so much more.  If you have a need, we have the solution for your Las Vegas casino.



SwaySecurity has a multitude of professional experience behind our brand.  Including prior casino security, military experience, and private security industry. This allows us to provide a truly unique solution for your casino. We understand that there are many other security companies out there, but with our local knowledge and the unique solution we can offer your property, SwaySecurity is an asset you will want to add to your portfolio.

Sway Security has over 25 years in the Casino Industry and has found that starting programs to assist you in providing safety to your customers (local and non-locals) will strengthen the city and give you peace of mind that your properties are protected to the fullest possible solutions.

Parking Security Solution

If you neglect parking security, lots and garages can leave your company open to risks that can negatively affect your business.

Hotel Room Patrol

Unwanted people in your towers can wreck havoc on your guest; we patrol the halls and stairwells so your team can focus on the gaming areas and your customers.

Armed Security Service

We can offer you an armed presence on special events or every day. We can also setup solutions to convert your present security team into an armed force.

Convention Patrol and Acess

Conventions and Special events why risk different companies protecting your client’s convention. We can offer on call and building security to supplement your current security.

Extra Security Detail

Fire Watch / Evcatiuutions is one of the business sudden needs that always catches short with contracts we can always have officers at the ready to help with your needs.

Hotel Access Control

Only the guest with room card can access your hotel area. Our detail can offer this service on weekends or an only at nights. We can fit into anyone’s budget.

Human Tracking Training & Awareness

Private security is based all over the valley and with our force on the ground we assist victims in our valley to find resources to have a better life. We have training programs that will change the landscape and old perceptions of las vegas little deep secrets.

Plain Clothes Security

Not ready to accept the time of change we will send in our team to assist your team with our personnel in plain clothing connected to you and your eye in the sky.

Casino Retail Loss Prevention

With Loss prevention in every large retail chain, Casinos do forget the shrinkage of the product via outsiders and internal we have a small program that can expand to large to fit your needs.

“What If”

We ask the question whey too much after an incident. We know that you and your staff have experience and in no way should you think we are discrediting you many years on the job. SwaySecurity simple offers a second team and to yours. Our goal is to mesh the two families into one in order to give the most important variable in this equation which is the Las Vegas Tourist.